Saturday, July 9, 2011

Commercial Pilot Reports Near Collision With UFO Near Portsmouth NH

A Canadian commercial pilot flying a Cessna twin engine jet has reported a near collision with a UFO in the Eastern US skies.

The 9 passenger Corporate jet departed from White plains New York on Wednesday May 15, 2011, and was en route to Canada cruising at 41000ft in the vicinity of Portsmouth,NH when at approximately 5:10 PM, a white colored UFO passed the right side of the aircraft at a high rate of speed, and what seemed to be less than 1000ft. vertical separation. No warning was registered on the jets TCAS (traffic, collision,and avoidance system).

Boston air traffic control was contacted to see if there was any other opposite direction traffic, to which they reported there was none, but they noted a primary radar target at the jet's six o'clock position and 8 miles. An official report was filed with air traffic control,at which time he was informed that another aircraft had reported a similar sighting.

The pilot, a professional with 22 years of flying noted that this was the first
time witnessing an event like this, and does not believe it was another conventional aircraft, due to the high rate of speed that it passed his aircraft, so fast that the shape of the UFO was unidentifiable.

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