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New Hampshire MUFON Investigator Misrepresents the "Incident at Exeter" UFO Case on WMUR News

In a recent television appearance on WMUR News, NH MUFON investigator Mark Podell misrepresented the facts in the "Incident at Exeter" UFO case, falsely claiming the case was debunked by the military.

"One was the Exeter incident here in New Hampshire where some military people debunked the incident even though it was observed by three witnesses, two of them were policemen,” Mark Podell MUFON

"Some military people debunked the incident" ? 

Apparently Mark is misinformed.

A.) After trying to debunk the Exeter case (the key word being trying), the military (The Air Force, Project Blue Book) admitted under oath at a congressional hearing on UFO's in 1966 that the Exeter sightings could not be explained.

In direct conflict with the evaluations the Air Force's Project Blue Book had made on the Exeter case, scientific consultant to Blue Book, Dr. J. Allen Hynek, admitted when asked by Congressman William H. Bates at the 1966 Congressional hearing on UFO's:

"This one is still unidentified?" Hynek replied "Yes, Sir."

B.) In 2011, the "Hardy Boys" from Skeptical Inquirer James McGaha & Joe Nickell claimed to solve the Exeter case, but offered no definitive evidence to support their theory and displayed a high level of confirmation bias and ego in their presumptions about the case.

C.) Of these two authors of the skeptical enquirers "solution" to the Exeter case, James McGaha and Joe Nickell, only one is EX-military:

"James McGaha, major, USAF retired, is a former special operations and electronic warfare pilot and now an astronomer and director of the Grasslands Observatory in Tucson, Arizona. He has frequently appeared as a UFO expert on such television shows as Larry King Live. He is a Committee for Skeptical Inquiry scientific consultant." Source: CSI

"Joe Nickell, PhD, is a skeptical investigator and UFOlogist who has written extensively about extraterrestrial visitations in his various books, including Entities and Tracking the Man-Beasts. He contributed to The Encyclopedia of Extraterrestrial Encounters and coedited The UFO Invasion." Source: CSI

So Mark Podell's statement that "military people debunked the incident" is completely misleading and inaccurate, and should be corrected.

The Exeter case has never been "debunked", and most certainly not by the military.  

This is very unfortunate misinformation from a MUFON investigator about a highly credible and still unexplained NH UFO case. Podell clearly does not know enough about the facts in the Exeter case to be speaking publicly about it.

Anyone that has studied the Exeter case closely knows that the CSI solution offered up by McGaha & Nickell in 2011 does not reconcile with the documented facts of the case and they offer no evidence at all to back their claims, only theory and assumption.

Mark Podell's statement, while maybe inadvertent, was inaccurate, misleading, and an improper representation of the Exeter case to the public.

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The 1966 House Armed Services Committee Hearing on Unidentified Flying Objects Briefing Document

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